12 Best WordPress Support Ticket Plugins — section #1

I need best WordPress support ticket plugin for my client’s online shop

I built a site for my client, he was selling digital products on ebay and he have many many clients, he hope realize differential competition — there are too many providers on ebay and any idea will be copied quickly. So my client want to build his own shop based on wordpress so he can selling digital products online and have better SEO rank and more users.

I was built many wordpress online shop via WooCommerce, EDD, ESHOP, WP e-commerce… and so on, After analyzed his business, I think use WooCommerce to build his online shop is the best solution.

WooCommerce is powerful and free eCommerce plugin, there are many free and pro e-commerce addons and themes, so just a few days with some customized work, we built a pretty and user-friendly online shop, the problem is ticket plugins…

I tested many ticket plugins, I will report my tested ticket plugins in below:

3: wpsc Support Tickets

wpsc-support-tickets-pluginI was used wpsc Support Tickets built some ticket systems, but when I come back wordpress, I found it has been removed from wordpress.org official plugins list, I know some plugin author will remove their plugins because they have no time to support it…, if so it is hard to download it again,  but the good news is I remember it be cloned in github, so I found the last version on github, now you can still download this great plugin at wpsc Support Tickets on github,after I read the plugin readme.txt, I found it have been re-published as another plugin “IDB Support Tickets” — Plugin Homepage: Plugin Homepage

**Hightlighted Features:**

 * Users can create support tickets and reply to their own tickets
 * Guests can use tickets as well, using just their email address.  Disabled by default.
 * Admins, Super Admins, and any user granted the manage_wpsct_support_tickets capability, can reply to, close, or delete any ticket
 * Front end support ticket interface is done in jQuery, and utilizes Ajax ticket loading
 * New robust customizable ajax departments
 * Individual, department lead, and department wide email support on a department by department basis.
 * Customizable email messages, and CSS for custom solutions
 * Save any support ticket to PDF for easy printing
 * You can hide support ticket capabilities from a user who has not purchased a specific product (requires [IDB Ecommerce](http://indiedevbundle.com/app/idb-ultimate-wordpress-bundle/ "IDB Ecommerce") 2.4.9 or higher)
 * Seamless integration with open source IDB Ecommerce ecommerce plugin, including a shared Guest system 
 * Admin dashboard widget shows all open tickets
 * Both the admin and frontend provides a WYSIWYG HTML editor for formatting
 * Available in 16 languages
 * i18n ready and compatible (POT file included in the /languages/ directory)

**Languages Included**

 * English
 * Swedish (Svenska) by Stefan Johansson
 * Norwegian (Norsk) by Rune Kristoffersen
 * French (le Français) by Hawaien88
 * Brazilian Portuguese (português brasileiro) by Thiago Bernardi
 * German (Deutsch) by Markus Scheffknecht
 * Dutch (Nederlands) by Jos Wolbers
 * Finnish (Suomi) by Mikko Ohtonen 
 * Russian (ру́сский язы́к, russkiy yazyk) by Login Roman
 * Romanian (limba Română) by Nutu Valea, updated by Richard Vencu at http://www.dentfix.ro/
 * Italian (Italiano) by Pino Cinelli
 * Spanish (Español) translation provided by Víctor Belgrano
 * Hebrew (עִבְרִית) translation provided by http://atar4u.com/
 * Serbian (српски) translation provided by WPdiscounts @ http://wpdiscounts.com
 * Arabic (العربية) translation provided by Ahmed Raslan @ http://www.nilecode.com/
 * Czech by Jan Drda

It is very easy to use, just install and activate the plugin, and create a new page for example “My Ticket”, and insert the shortcode [IDBSupportTickets], then go into the back end and select this page as “mainpage” for wpsc Support Tickets, so users can submit ticket in this page and admin can reply tickets, it is easy to use and I do like it.

4:Memoria Ticket System

Memoria Ticket System is designed by the autheor vatanbytyqi,a guy who like Programming in PHP and Java, come from Sweden. He said this is a simple ticket system, however it offered enough ticket functionality for users, In front end, users can easy to creating a ticket by a default form, in back end, it is easy to change form’s style, each ticket can be assigned to an approver who will receive an email notifications when the issuer has replied it looks like this:


and then in back end, admin can view the ticket and reply the ticket, it looks like this:

screenshot-2in this ticket plugin panel, admin can add departments or categories,change the style sheet,modify the email notification, or activate reCaptcha from to stop spammer.

Memoria Ticket System plugin is very easy to use: download and upload to your wp-content/plugins, activate Memoria Ticket System, and add your departments and so on, in front end create a page, for exmaple:”Support Ticket”, and insert the shortcode [sts_memoria_ticket_system], then everything is okay, just wait your client’s ticket and get notification and reply them. quick and powerful,  Not bad, right?




The best members only plugin — BuddyPress Members Only

I need a members only plugin to protect my social networking section and wordpress members pages, Only registered/logged in users can view my sites, I got it — buddypress members only, this plugin is great solution

buddypress membership plugin
buddypress membership plugin

I need a members only plugin

I need build a members only site, I need a wordpress members only area, I hope only pages which I allowed will be viewed by guest, but other section of my site will only opened for members of my site, especially my social networking area which built by buddypress,  I searched wordpress.org, I found there are a few choice.

Basically, the best choice is choose S2member or buddypress members only, I tested all of them, I found S2membe is great but it is too complex for me, I need understand these vars, shortcodes,learning how to work for buddypress from about x,00 options, that need a lot of time. Buddypress members only is a simple and quick solution, what I need to do is just setting “Opened Page URLs” in admin area, and all of other pages in my site will be protected, just like author said:

“Restricts Your Buddypress to logged in/registered members only. Only registered/logged in users can view your site, non members can only open home page/login/register/lost password pages. Logged in users have full access.”

This Buddypress membership plugin is easy to use and free of charge

So what let me feel very happy is I just used 1 minutes to understand how to use this great wordpress membership plugin, and then use another 2 minutes type in all wordpress posts url into the text area, click submit and all things works well! That’s great! This is what I need and it solved my problems of protect buddypress members page and buddypress activity page — perfect solution! WORDPRESS BEST PLUGIN team is not the only users feel so happy, just like another webmaster commented:

We implemented this plug-in for our community of over 500,000 users and 3,300 registered members on Scaffies.NL – we use the latest versions of both WordPress and BuddyPress.

The comment below about it being a “spam plug-in” is completely bogus – it only scared us, and made us almost not try it at first.

Fact is, the plug-in works great, and does exactly what we wanted: show the home page and a few, select pages (registration, login, etc), and require registration & login for everythign else.

It was very easy to set up (we tried 2 others before, too cumbersome and did not do what we had in mind) and works like a charm from the start. You can see it in action on Scaffies.

Thanks to the author for an awesome piece of plug-in for the WordPress / BuddyPress community!

Yes, this is what I want too, thanks for the author offerd an awesome plugin to solve my problems so quickly, so easy, and no any cost.

You can download the plugin at BuddyPress Members Only

Also ask questions to the author’s site at tomas zhu

WordPress Plugin Hello Dolly

Wordpress plugin Hello Dolly
WordPress plugin Hello Dolly

I worked for a webmaster, his site have some problems and need fix them, also hosting told him his site have big problem of mysql connection and his site be shutdown, so we need contact his hosting and fix the problem in a few hours,  the bad news is he forget his ftp access, the good news is he remember his wordpress site admin access, the problem is his site have too many training / skills videos / images — his site disk space is full, in this case, it is hard to fix his issues because we have no way to install / upload new plugins — if we do not delete his images / videos from wordpress media…

His site is very slow and it is messed up in front end and back end, and we have no way to do anything, how can we find the problem?

By Default, when we install the wordpress on our hosting, wordpress have a default plugin Hello Dolly, in the plugin hello dolly, there are 85 code lines and 385 words, it is enough to add a simple trace codes in hooks of  the wordpress default plugin Plugin Hello Dolly to trace disk usage of each folder:

add_action( ‘admin_head’, ‘dolly_css’ );

Finally we get total space usage — include folder name, files  name in folders, files size… and so on, and after get the total folders / files,this will not shown in front end so site and users will not be broken, we just show the final list in wordpress admin area.

Then we can re-develop the plugin Hello Dolly to delete some files of some big tar files which is generated some years before but never need it… and so on, so we saved a lot of disk space so we have enough disk space to install some new plugins and upload some new files.

Then we can re-develop hooks in the plugin Hello Dolly to trace his SQL query time, and install wordpress performance optimize plugin P3 to find which plugin delayed his site, after remove some plugins was made in some years before and checked his error logs, we fixed the most of problem that caused mysql connection error, then I installed cache plugin — WP Super Cache,  the speed of the site have a big improve, now I just need he restore his ftp account and I can help him to speed up his site and  get A rank in Google Pagespeed, YSlow .

When I started developing life in wordpress area, I was read the codes of Hello dolly, but I never know one day this defult plugin will help me and another webmaster to solve the big problem. 🙂

When I change the codes of “HelloDolly”, I find out the hello dolly song  and lyrics is still in my mind:

Hello, Dolly
Well, hello, Dolly
It’s so nice to have you back where you belong
You’re lookin’ swell, Dolly
I can tell, Dolly
You’re still glowin’, you’re still crowin’
You’re still goin’ strong
We feel the room swayin’
While the band’s playin’
One of your old favourite songs from way back when
So, take her wrap, fellas
Find her an empty lap, fellas
Dolly’ll never go away again
Hello, Dolly
Well, hello, Dolly3
It’s so nice to have you back where you belong
You’re lookin’ swell, Dolly
I can tell, Dolly
You’re still glowin’, you’re still crowin’
You’re still goin’ strong
We feel the room swayin’
While the band’s playin’
One of your old favourite songs from way back when
Golly, gee, fellas
Find her a vacant knee, fellas
Dolly’ll never go away
Dolly’ll never go away
Dolly’ll never go away again

Maybe I will find out hello dolly movie once I have a time. 🙂

Have a default plugin is a smart idea of wordpress official team. 🙂

You can find all plugins I mentioned above at below:

Hello Dolly

WP Super Cache

P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler)

WordPress Best Anti-spam plugin Akismet

I need a Best Wordpress Anti-spam plugin

I have a site which tell about people how to optimize wordpress, because it is very easy — just follow some steps you can optimize your site loading speed from xxS to 1.xS, so there are not many articles, actually, it just have no more than 10 articles with screenshot to tech webmaster to optimize wordpress sites, after built the site, I leave away for some months, when I come back,  I found there are more then 5,000 spam comments, my god, I was think there are no many wordpress posts, so actually there should have not much readers find my site…., now I know readers will not find my site because I did not do any SEO, but of course spamer is smart…, they will eat anything…,  I had to install an wordpress anti-spam plugins to stop spam, I need wordpress spam protection service, I tested many spam plugins, you can find my last post about “WordPress Best Plugin Anti-spam plug-ins series“, but what is the WordPress Best Anti-spam plugin Akismet? finally I found the best WordPress Anti-spam plugin is still Akismet.

About WordPress Best Anti-spam plugin Akismet

Akismet is is an advanced anti-spam service which offered by wordpress team, The author is founder of wordpress.orgMatt Mullenweg.

Wordpress Best Plugin Anti-spam plugin Akismet
WordPress best plugin Anti-spam plugin Akismet


Akismet will Automatically checks all comments and send the comment to akismet.com for check  comments’ IP or comment user email is marked as a spam already, or the link of this wordpress comment includes spam links so akismet will call their wordpress spam link injection filter… and so on,  akismet will  filters out the ones that look like spam, the most of webmaster activated Akismet anti-spam plgin, actually, wordpress.org said there are more than 1+ million installed Akismet installation, this screenshot will tell you the effect:


Akismet is super easy to install and easy to use, this anti-spam plugin will not delete these comments directly, spam comments will spam tab in your wordpress comments menu, the only thing you need to do is — requeest an Akismet.com API key to use it, please don’t worry the fee, Akismet keys are free for personal blogs, but paid subscriptions are available for businesses and commercial sites, it seems very good, right? If you can earn more money from your personal blog, will not pay wordpress.org to request a commercial license? They are great guys to offer the world so great a platform / tool for bloggers. 🙂

request apikey of best wordpress anti-spam plugin Akismet
request apikey of best wordpress anti-spam plugin Akismet

Once activated your Akismet key, you can leave your site and all anti-spame work will let Akismet.com to do, and more than 99% spam will be filter from your site.

best wordpress anti-spam pluginAkismet will filter 99% spam
best wordpress anti-spam pluginAkismet will filter 99% spam


Seems good? You can install the best wordpress anti-spam plugin at WordPress Best Plugin Anti-spam plugin akismet download link, you will find great authors at: Matt MullenwegRyan Boren, Andy Skelton, Michael Adams, Alex Shiels,Joseph Scott…, thanks for their good plugin, it make webmaster’s life better and easier.

You can request an free Akismet API from here: WordPress Best Plugin Anti-spam plugin akismet APi key

This article is tell about Best WordPress Anti-spam plugin Akismet, I do like this Best WordPress Anti-spam plugin Akismet, if you have any thoughts, welcome to share your ideas in comments, have a tea and have good day. 🙂

WordPress related Posts Plugin – Content.ad

WordPress related Posts Plugin – Content.ad has are many features, so Content.ad is also a popular WordPress related Posts plugin WordPress. Content.ad has a lot of options to customize the content show on the website, even mobile version is also very good. Meanwhile, the plugin also offers advertising options, you can display the advertiser’s content in the content area to make money.

WordPress related Posts Plugin - Content.ad  | WordPress Best Plugin
WordPress related Posts Plugin – Content.ad | WordPress best plugin

WordPress related Posts Plugin – Content.ad is very easy to install, this is the same as other plugins; however, you need to register an account to use. Register for an account is free. If you encountered a problem, you can also get free technical support, which can be considered an added bonus :).

WORDPRESS BEST PLUGIN will continue to update wordprss related posts plugin later, welcome your visit.

WordPress related Posts Plugin – Shareaholic

How about Bounce rate of your website? Do you also concerned about this issue? The visitors find the posts on your website through the search engine, after reading it, they closed the window or turn to other websites. So, how to change this situation? Today, we continue to introduce you WordPress best Plugin on related posts to help keep your visitors.

WordPress related Posts Plugin - Shareaholic | WordPress Best Plugin
WordPress related Posts Plugin – Shareaholic | WordPress best plugin

WordPress related Posts Plugin Shareaholic was something that can help you increase website traffic. Install the plugin, by displaying advertiser’s ads, you can improve the income of your website; also includes social media share, plus interest, as well as referrals and so on.

WordPress related Posts Plugin Shareaholic is simple to use, and supports personalized settings. Meanwhile, Shareaholic also operate on PC and on mobile devices. Shareaholic’s code is clean and does not affect the loading speed of your website.

Shareaholic download 

WordPress related Posts Plugin – Editorial Assistant

WordPress related Posts Plugin – Editorial Assistant does not provide the opportunities of putting advertising, but it can really show related post. At the same time, Editorial Assistant can also display related post on other website when Editorial Assistant is also installed on those websites.

WordPress related Posts Plugin, Editorial Assistant| WordPress Best Plugin
WordPress related Posts Plugin, Editorial Assistant| WordPress best plugin

The creative idea is, if you and other bloggers have written posts on the same subject, then you can help others increase website traffic, in return, someone else can also help your website to increase traffic.

Editorial Assistant is very easy to use, and you can also choose related posts to enhance the user experience.

we will continue to introduce you to WordPress best Plugin on WordPress related posts to help you keep the visitors.

Download Editorial Assistant

WordPress image compression plugin: WP Smush

WORDPRESS BEST PLUGIN will speak of an WordPress image compression plugin: WP Smush, the main function is to improve  WordPress access speed, WP Smush is mainly to reduce size of the picture, so when the page is accessed, improve the loading speed.

Wordpress image compression plugin: WP Smush | WordPress Best Plugin
WordPress image compression plugin: WP Smush | WordPress best plugin

WP Smush plugin can compress the image size, but without compromising picture quality, which is very critical, if an image has 40KB, compressed into 20BK, even 10BK, it does load faster, WP Smush Pro version is more powerful than the free version, Pro is a little expensive, $19 a month, for a WordPress webmaster, 19 dollars per month, really a lot.

Fortrunately, WP Smush free version is also very powerful:

1. lossless compression technology to optimize image size;

2. supported image types, GIF, PNG and JPEG;

3. can compress the picture which has been uploaded, cool function;

4. compress an image one time, also compress 50 pictures one time;

5. compressed larger picture to 1M, or even smaller;

6. the compressed image data for statistics can be seen in the multimedia page;

WordPress sending mail plugin: WP Mail SMTP

WORDPRESS BEST PLUGIN find WP Mail SMTP is a very good WordPress sending mail plugin.

  WordPress sending mail plugin: WP Mail SMTP | WordPress Best Plugin
WordPress sending mail plugin: WP Mail SMTP | WordPress best plugin

The function description:

Reconfigure wp_mail() to replace the default host function mail() .

Detailed features:

1. custom e-mail address and mail name;

2. you can choose the way of sending e-mail, there are two ways: smtp and PHP’s mail ();

3. custom smtp host;

4. custom smtp port;

5. select how to send e-mail, support ssl;

6. To verify custom smtp;

7. If you selected verification smtp, you need to enter the account and password, to ensure that the validation is successful and assur sending mail correctly.

WordPress sending mail plugin: WP Mail SMTP is relatively simple to use, after installing the plugin, all settings can be set in one page.


WordPress related Posts Plugin – Jetpack

Jetpack Plugin package is a series of plugin collection released by Automattic. If you install and activate the Jetpack plugin package, at WordPress management backend, find [Jetpack] [->] [Jetpack, find this module in the entire widget, click Activate button.

WordPress related Posts Plugin, Jetpack | WordPress Best Plugin
WordPress related Posts Plugin, Jetpack | WordPress best plugin

Then, click [Configure] button to automatically go to the Settings page, there are two options you can check:

1. Display “Relate” title, to separate articles and body regions;
2. use large and eye-catching page layout.

Jetpack can be quickly and easily add related posts on the website, especially if you have already installed the Jetpack plugin package.

WORDPRESS BEST PLUGIN will continue to write a series of posts about wordprss related posts plugin later, welcome your visit.